Las Vegas

(L) Tom and DeeDee. (R) This girl really liked Mark.
(L) Dance party. (R) The scarf has worked to land Perry.
(L) The girls having a goodtime. (R) Tom & I.
Alcohol beginning to take over across the board...

By this time, the club is just packed. This is the view fom our table.

This is also the view from our table.

(L) Random hand gestures have spread to DeeDee. Somebody else trying to keep Jonathan upright. (R) ...He has recovered.
(L) A near brawl with this girl provided a sign that the evening should be winding down. (R) Heading home.
Trying to ride the escalator. Dan was able to master this skill.
On the walk back, we were very distracted by the scenery.
(L) While normally this might be a passed out Jonathan, in this case he had just fallen. (R) Pillow fights!
Tom, and Vegas, with the TKO!

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