Las Vegas

(L) Waiting for dinner at Strip Steak in Mandalay. (R) Not sure.
(L) DeeDee and Michelle. At this point we lost Michelle's husband, Scott, to a stomach virus. (R) Perry and Tom
(L) "To the end of our last Fall Quarter!" (R) Scott returns briefly for the photo-op.
(L) After taking a poll of the table, I decide it's time to knock off Dan. (R) DeeDee and I ordered this killer appetizer - crab louie wraps.
I ordered a nice fish (L); Dan with porkchops (R). Overall, food was pretty good, but not nearly as good as our favorite Vegas food stop: Craftsteak.

Early on we spotted Steffi Graph and Andre Agassi eating with a group of friends. We waited til they were done, then Dan and Jason approached the table and asked Steffi to take a picture with us (Andre had already left the restaurant). She was really nice and gracious. (Dan's pic)
At LAX within Luxor.

(L) Once again, Dan worked his magic as we had the prime table at the club. Just behind our group is the dance floor.

(R) Jonathan and DeeDee - early on.

(L) Mark schmoozing with our Santa waitress. (R) 3 bottles with mixers - $1595.
(L) Included in that $1595, our Santa waitress pours our first drink. Good deal. (R) Jonathan and Tom in the traditional Jonathan-Tom dance pose.
(L) Three white guys wearing stripes. (R) Early on we picked this girl out for Tom. One of the few girls that match his height.
(L) Prime table helps the guys pull girls over from the dance floor. (R) Tracy and Mark chillin'.

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