Las Vegas

(L) DeeDee and Jonathan with me. Can't really explain the meaning of my hand gesture. (R) Tom making nice progress with his girl. Perry with his own, more logical, hand gesture.

Geller now joining in on the lame hand gesture club. Welcome.

Joe & Erika.

Some nice group shots.
For some reason, Dan was wearing a scarf in the club. We mocked him prior to leaving the hotel room, but it didn't seem to sway his decision.

Dan scoping out girls on the balcony

DeeDee and Erika

Dan with one of the random girls he invited to our table.

The funnest part is watching the bouncers kick the girls out once Dan gives them the heave-ho.
Yes, a rare sight - a drunk DeeDee.

One of Dan's girls from the night. Maybe the scarf pays?

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