Las Vegas
December 15, 2007

The end of FEMBA's fall quarter means an overnight Vegas trip. We stayed in suites at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay, had dinner at Strip Steak, and partied at LAX in Luxor. Captions by Jason.

With such a big turnout for the final trip (12 people) we decided to rent a limo from the airport to the hotel.


The group in front of the stretched Hummer limo. Standing from left: Jason, Mark P, Tracy, Dan, Mark G, Erika, Joe, Michelle, Scott and Tom; Squatting: DeeDee and Jonathan
(L) Another yearly tradition, hitting up the liquor store on the way to the hotel. Total damage: $108. (R) With limited time in Vegas, no need to delay the start of drinks.
(L) Checking in at The Hotel. We ended up getting three suites spread across three floors. Not quite the same as the first year, but still dominant. (R) High-end lodging like The Hotel only deserves the finest... Coors Light.
(L) Check-in took some time, fortunately an 18 pack helped kill time. (R) DeeDee saying hi.
(L) Joe owns his own bar/restaurant in Hollywood so he was the go-to man for getting our own mini-bar set up and ready to go. (R) Tom and Geller mid-negotiation.
DeeDee, Tracy, and Erika with drink. (R) Joe, Jason, and Jonathan in a staged debate.
(L) Tom & Scott. (R) Scott & Michelle
(Dan's pics)
(L) DeeDee and I ready to hit the town. (R) Mark & I in our standard matching outfits - once again, unplanned.
Obviously, we almost had enough to drink before leaving for dinner/club.
Let's keep that shirt closed

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