Northern Ireland & Ireland
June 12-22, 2007


Wednesday, 6/20
The next day we stayed on the Mount Juliet Conrad grounds; Jason relaxing in our room
We had breakfast in the main house
Entering the Mount Juliet grounds

We stayed in The Hunter's Yard which is a five minute walk from the main house. This is where the spa, clubhouse, and golf area are located

There was a break in the weather so we took the time to walk the golf course

Mom and dad reading their papers in the main house
The yellow room
Upstairs are the guest rooms, downstairs the common rooms; view of the gorgeous house from the front
A view of the river that runs through the grounds; during mild weather you can go fishing; in the distance are the property's horses; the grounds are HUGE (1500 acres) and is one of Ireland's finest sporting estates
The American Express Championship golf tournament was held here in 2002; Tiger Wood's scorecard
The golfers would wait until there was a break in the weather then run out and hit balls until the rain came back 10 minutes later; we had lunch and watched them from the clubhouse
A delicious Caesar salad for me and burger and fries for Jas
After lunch we got a tour of the grounds from the Estate Manager. First stop, the hounds. There are over 100 hunting hounds raised on the estate.
We woke these guys up but they still gave us a warm welcome
These puppies were being moved to a different location, we got a peak before their journey
The Estate Manager giving us a history of the main house - none of which I remember. Read more at
The basement floor contained the fishing room, a snookers room, and a bar
We also got a tour of the chef's private garden; every herb you can imagine, I believe this is thyme and mint
Yellow raspberries
Fennel and basil
Their most successful horse, The Tetrarch, was buried here in 1935; his gravemarker lists his wins and the amount of money he won during his lifetime
A mare and her fowl in one of the stables
That evening we had a drink at Marble City Bar in Kilkenny
Then we returned to The Hunter's Lodge for dessert!

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