Northern Ireland & Ireland
June 12-22, 2007

Galway and Dublin

Friday, 6/15 and Saturday, 6/16
We reached Galway just before noon
A great city to explore
Our first patch of blue sky (right)!
We had lunch at Mc Donagh's - the best fish & chips place in Galway.
That evening we reached Dublin and joined up with Mom, Dad and James. On our way to dinner we crossed Half Penny bridge.
Dinner was at Morrison's (left), a really swanky and cool place! Afterwards we walked through the temple bar area of Dublin
All the bars were packed and spilling out into the streets
James, Jason and Dad in front of John Kehoe pub
The only space availble was outside but the vibe was so relaxed and cool, very unlike LA
This guy was a pro at stacking glasses; James and Jason outside Bruxelles bar

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