Spring Training, Arizona
March 18-22 2005

Commentary and Pictures by Jason

For almost a year, the crew spoke of heading to Arizona with the basic premise of holding our annual fantasy baseball draft while attending Spring Training '05...Day 1

Our transportation for the weekend was a large RV fully stocked with the all the basic essentials...
While our ride was made rough by a rain storm and brutal traffic through Fontucky, we had to kill time with multiple games of Home Run Derby as well as keeping up with the NCAA tourney.
(lt)What's a roady without a dance party? (rt)Some of the crew (Matt, Steve, Wyatt, Jut) at our first reststop.
(lt) An early highlight of the trip was our dinner stop at a truck stop in Tanopa called "Tanopah Joes."; (rt) How good does a $5 pitcher of "premium" beer taste? Total bill for six guys with meals and beers: $26 + tip.
The two other highlights of our stop at "TJs" (lt) Our 17 year old waitress Amber (rt) The kickass trucker hat Wyatt won by agreeing to empty the tank the first time.
   (lt) What is there to do when you hit an RV part on the outskirts of Arizona late at night? Basically, more of the same. (rt) Kevin, being the only one to fly into Arizona and costing the group a $70 cab ride, ended up getting the last selection for where to sleep. It especially hurt that he refused to check anything on the plane so ended up on a chair with no blanket. Nice.

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