Lyllis and John's Wedding
Mendocino, CA - October 20-23 2005

Jason's cousin, Lyllis, wed her fiancee John in beautiful, coastal Mendocino. We all stayed at the MacCallum House. The town is a bit difficult to get to, about 3.5-4 hours north of San Francisco with tons of curvy roads, but Mendocino is soooo beautiful, so quaint, and so perfect. The town, combined with the amazing wedding, made the ride worth it.

We got there Thursday evening and had drinks before dinner

Mom and Dad


Jason and I, Mom and Dad, A. Suzie and U. Ron.

The MacCallum House at night

Jason and I stayed in Redwood Cottage, just to the left of the main house. It has a clawfoot tub, a separate shower, and outside in our private little yard we had our own private hot tub!
Friday afternoon Lyllis and John hosted a beach BBQ. Unfortunately, the vendor who was to prepare the BBQ went out of business and didn't notify them! Still, it was nice to see the beach and hang out.

Dad, U. Ron, A. Carolyn, U. Tom, A. Suzie, and U. Larry

Grahame and Jen.

Jason and I took some prom-like pictures on the beach, with U. Ron to the left of us.

James, Mom and Jason

Mom, Dad, James and I

John and Lyllis telling us about the change in plans

A view of the beach

Dad, U. Ron, Jason and James

Jason and James with their beers

It was a really chilly day so Dad and A. Suzie donned some blue knit caps given to them by Lyllis and John.

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