Grandpa James' 80th Bday
Las Vegas - Thanksgiving 2003

Dad set the tone for one cool Vegas weekend:

After a a great Thanksgiving dinner, it was off to
Treasures for Grandpa James' 80th Bday present!

Jen, who can pull off ANYTHING ;), got us a free limo ride to and from the strip club.

Mom, Me & Jen

Uncle Ed, Grandpa, Jason & Dad

Sassy (here) and Hunter gave Grandpa a show he'll never forget!
Celebrating Grandpa's 80th Bday on Saturday, at Craftsteak in MGM.

Jason, Grandpa, Ryan & James

Devon, Jen, Grandpa, Me & Ashley

Mom & Dad

Ryan, Uncle Ed, Devon & Grandpa



A little loopy after one too many Martinis

A view of the bill ;) -- but Jas says it was worth it for the kobe steak that to him, was a little slice of heaven.

Thanksgiving in Vegas 2003: 1 - 2