Gina Garritano & Justin Maire Wedding
Carmel, CA - Aug 9, 2003

(Each picture is denoted with either a "J" or a "D", meaning they were either taken with Jen's camera or with our camera. On the last page, I've put up links to where you can buy any of those taken with Jen's camera or our camera.)

The Colberts (J)

Jas, Me, James & Jen (J)

Me, Gina (the beautiful bride) & Jen (D)

James & Grandpa (D)

Jas & I (the sun was setting behind us and we forgot to use flash, so this was the best I could do) (D)

Justin (the groom) with the father of the bride, Gene (J)

Jas & Dad (D)

Mom & Dad (J)

Lori, Grandpa, Barbara & Mom (D)

Jen & Gene (D)

Me, Dad & Jen (D)

James & Dave (D)

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