Some have told us that we have an "ideal" relationship. While we don't disagree ;), we learn by example and we've built our relationship on what we've learned from our parents. When you're blessed with perfect parents as we are, you're bound to succeed. We know that no other parents could possibly be as supportive, as loving, as giving and as generous as our parents have always been with us. We know we can turn to them for anything; talk to them about anything; and they'll always be there with open arms and ingenious advice.
If we could be half the parents to our future kids, as our parents are to us, we know that we will have given our kids more than enough to succeed and be happy in this world. Mom and dad, we love you and thank you for all you've done for us. We know that we would'nt be where we are today without your love, support and encouragement.

First Time We Met:  September 16th, 1994. UCLA, Sproul Hall, 6th Floor. DeeDee was a 2nd-year Chinese Major; Jason a 3rd-year Applied Math Major.

Our First Date:  January 20, 1995. Dinner: Dive in Century City. Movie: Higher Learning. Afterwards: Sunset Beach ;)

First time we said the 3 little words:  1995. Jason gave DeeDee a poem he had written and a little box. The last 3 words in the poem were "I Love You", and in the box was a necklace with a gold-heart pendant.
  The Proposal:  December 8, 2000. Jason bought a large book called "The Book of Love". He glued the pages together, cut a square out of the middle and hid the box inside. For two days, whenever we were home, Jason placed the book strategically -- in places DeeDee was sure to see it. Knowing what an avid reader DeeDee is, he assumed she would pick up the book and browse through it, and normally she would. Unfortuantely, she never really noticed the book. Finally, after 2 days of sweating and accelerated heart beats, Jason got tired of waiting and presented her with the ring. She cried and said "of course...."

Today:  We bought our first home (townhome) in October 2000. It's just perfect for us and our two "kids" - Arby the Bernese Mountain Dog, and Bun the Holland Lop Rabbit. Jason is a Software Engineer working for and DeeDee is a web developer with XactImage, Inc.

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