Tony & Fion's Wedding, Newport Beach
Aug, 2003

We started off with lots of pre-reception drinking...

Jocelyn and I.

Ivan, Leon & Jas.

...which led to Wyman passing out at the table.

Wyman, Ivan, Anda & I.

Wyman, Mom, me, & Ivan.

David, David, Wyman (groggy, but finally waking up) and friend.

Tony, the groom, with his bro and bestman, David.

Dad, Auntie Holly (groom's mom), Mom, friend, and Uncle Danny (groom's dad).

Fion & Tony - first dance.

David & Maid of Honor.

Ivan & Mom.

Me, Jas & Ivan.

Tony & Fion - retrieval of garter.

Bride with garter and bouquet catchers.

Tony, groomsmen & friends.

Cutting the cake.

Ryan, Leon, Ivan & Tony.