Spring Break in Sayulita, Mexico!
March 23-26 2006

So Dan the Man said we're going to Sayulita for Spring Break, so who are we to argue? We had never even heard of Sayulita, and weren't quite sure what to expect, but like all of Dan's events, this was perfect. Sayulita is the perfect beach town, not too many tourists, but just enough of a mix to make it fun. Great sun, food, people, bars, etc. What more could we ask for?

We decided to ride in style to LAX. Here we are in front of the limo. (Clockwise) Jonathan, Tom, Sandeep, Mark, Dan, Jason, Erika & I.

Dan, Mark & Sandeep


Jonathan & Tom

Erika, Jas & I

Waiting in line for check in. Who knew that red-eye flights to Mexico City on a Wednesday night generated lines that snaked out to the curb??

Jonathan had the biggest suitcase (which is quite a feat considering I had enough clothing to last me 2+ weeks). Here's his bag next to Erika's.

Most important lesson learned: You can bring a case of beer as a carry-on and drink it on the plane!

In Mexico City at 5:00 a.m.

We had a 3.5 hour layover in Mexico City before our flight to Puerto Vallarta. So we hopped in a cab to look for breakfast. Unfortunately everything was closed, but we got a nice little tour of the city. Finally, we found a taco stand that was just opening and got to watch as the taco man set up shop.

Our taxi in Mexico City

At the taco stand

Eggs, rice, meat & potatoes & more meat

We finally got to Puerto Vallarto and then took another cab into Sayulita, about a 45 minute ride. Soooo tired.