Toro Sushi
May 6, 2006

Linda arranged a FEMBA sushi night at her boyfriend Alan's sushi restaurant in Chino. He hooked us up big-time with amazing, non-stop sushi and sake bombs. Afterwards, we hit a bar for, what else, but karoke. Thanks Alan and Linda for a great Saturday in the 909!

Alan & Jonathan

The night started with few sake bomb rounds

Yummy sushi!

Chong & Mark waiting for the flames from the scallops to die down
At the start of their FEMBA program, everyone had to write down little words of wisdom. Jason didn't realize that each week, one of their quotes would be emailed out to the entire class. Here's Dan reading Jason's quote, which was emailed out two weeks prior: "A large amount of support can overcome even the greatest of fears." (Though he looks a little sheepish--and rightly so--Jason took the resulting ridicule quite well. ;))

Amazing fried prawns

Sing-Ray and I with our oysters

Jonathan spilled his sake bomb; Brian downed his

Jas and I

Michelle with another ornate platter of sushi

Michelle & Scott

Helen in pink with her boyfriend and Linda

Helen, Linda, Darryl, Lily & Scott

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