PacBell Stadium, San Francisco
Sept, 2003

Preface: Based on the end-of-season rankings in their fantasy baseball league, each of the guys has a duty to be fulfilled at a game we all go to at the end of the season.

This year's game was in SF. This year's rankings: Kevin (1st): no duties, commissioner for next year; Justin (2nd): buy pre-game beers; Greg (3rd): buy hotdogs; Wyatt (4th): buy garlic fries; Jason (5th): buy domestic beers; Dave (6th): buy premium beers; Mike (7th): make three valid attempts to start the wave; and Matt (8th): buy game tickets.

Pre-game drinking

Jas & Steve

Kev, Meghan, Ryan, Denise & Dave

Jut, Steve & Mike

Me, Meghan, Denise & Ryan

Greg & Matt & beers.
Picture perfect views from our seats.
Check out the Major League Squeegee billing - that's us! (

Kev talking to Jut. Ben and his gal on the right.

Maggie (mommy-to-be), Jut, Jill(mommy-to-be) & Matt.

Video: Mike (in his Dodgers outfit) trying to start the wave.