Superbowl XL
February 5, 2006

Since our annual Superbowl in Vegas tradition died, Jason and I thought we'd host a Superbowl party this year. There was a good turn-out, and so we had four TVs strategically located for everyone's viewing pleasure. ;)

The sports fanatic

Bea, Todd, Dan's two friends and Dan watching the game in the backyard

My pals/co-workers Linda and Meghan

Jen and Grahame

(standing) Mark and Sean, (sitting) Dave, Denise and Jonathan

Erika's friend, Steve and Ivan


Superbowl betting squares

Dan hit his square for the 1st quarter and won $40

On the couch (from right): Michelle, Scott, Kevin and Alan. Standing: Brian, Bea, Sing-Ray, Todd, Sandeep, Mark P. and friend

Mark, Sean, Dave, Denise & Jonathan


Reverie and I

Jason, Sing-Ray and Sandeep

Linda, Me and Meghan

Ivan, Dan's friend & Dan

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