Montreal & Quebec City, Canada
May 23-31, 2003

While in Montreal, we stayed at L'Hotel de la Montagne, in the heart of downtown.

Interesting fountain in the lobby of our hotel.


A picture of the pool terrace that was on the roof of our hotel. Due to rainy weather the pool was closed during our stay.

We stayed in a non-smoking room, and wondered why they bothered with the ashtrays in the first place.

Reviewing a map of downtown...

...reading up on tourist attractions.

Montreal's Basilique Notre Dame

Jas manages to find boba wherever we go.

Street shot

People watching on the balcony of 2nd Cup

Visiting the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art. Jas thought I was flipping off the sign. I wasn't, though maybe I should've been, because we thought it sucked.

Outside the museum.


Gates to Montreal's Chinatown.

Street shot.

Old Montreal.

Beautiful cobble stone streets, cafes and quaint shops.

We stopped in a resto to have crepes topped with raspberries, ice cream and whipped cream.

Dinner at Le Caveau. Great food and our waiter was soooo nice!

Posing with the statues who are pointing the way on Montreal's Rue University

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