Dinner with my parents
July 26, 2003

Had my parents, and some of the aunties and uncles I grew up with,
over for an hors d'oeuvre dinner.

Jas & I

Dad, Mom, Me and Jas
I made a pasta salad, vegetables escabeche, shrimp toast, stuffed mushrooms, ground pork and goat cheese stuffed in phyllo, crab cakes with a chili-lime aioli sauce, chicken salad in crisp cups, eggplant crisps topped with mozarrella and sun dried tomato, mozarrella risotto balls (not shown) and skewered fruit broiled in a honey glaze (not shown). One of the aunties brought the lox. It took a while to make but it was fun ;).

Uncle Albert, Mom, Jen and Auntie Amy


Me & Jen