Dad's 60th Bday
May 27, 2006

We celebrated Jason's dad's 60th birthday with a surprise party in San Luis Obispo. Friday night, the Colbert relatives flew in for a surprise dinner at Giuseppe's. (Captions by Jason)

A suprised dad walking into the restaurant.

James chatting with Aunt Suzie and Uncle Ron.

Uncle Larry & I.

James continuing his conversation.

Dad & Mom.

DeeDee & I.

Mom & I

DeeDee, Mom, Uncle Ron, & I.

James, John, Lyllis, Jen, & Grahame chatting.

DeeDee and Jen.

Dad, Uncle Ron, & Aunt Suzie

Jen & Grandpa.

Three damn good-lookin' dudes.

DeeDee, Mom, & Jen.

DeeDee, Jen, Mom and Grandpa

Grandpa, Mom, Dad & Uncle Ron

We decided to send dad around the table for some group shots with everyone...

...with Uncle Tom & Aunt Carolyn...


...with Uncle Larry & Aunt Christina...

...John & Lyllis...

...James, Grahame & Jen...


...DeeDee & I...

Moby serving the birthday dad some cake

Happy Birthday.

Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Larry

Dad with sibs.

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