Oktoberfest 2005 at Alpine Village
Torrance, CA - September / October 2005

Every year Jason's co-workers at FOX make several trips to Alpine Village for Oktoberfest. It's fun if you like tons of beer, sausages and sauerkraut, German bands, and silly competitions. We went twice this year and brought along a few of our friends.

Mike, Jas and Etienne

Me holding someone's stein
Mike in the balloon-blowing contest

Etienne holding the American and Bavarian flags

Rich displaying his Deutschland scarf

Mark, Rich, Etienne and Jason preparing for the Stein-holding contest (they're full of beer!)

Jason was very happy to come in second to last (meaning he wasn't the first one out...aim low and you'll never be disappointed!)
Jason and his co-workers

Jas and I

Dave and Jas
Wyman doing a shot of Underberg Herb Bitters
Mike doing a shot
Ivan and PJ with their Underbergs
Ivan and PJ with their Underbergs

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