Meghan's 29th Birthday Celebration
April 11, 2006

Bob and I decided to throw Meghan a mini suprise party at Saddle Ranch on Sunset. No more sob stories about crappy birthdays, k Meghan? ;) We love ya - happy birthday!

Kimberly, Bob, Meghan, Linda, Richard and I

NO ONE looks cuter in a birthday hat than Bob!! ;)

Linda and Kimberly

Meghan, Richard and I

It's hard for an Englishman to look tough in a tiara....

Toasting the birthday girl


Richard, Ben, Linda & Kimberly

Bob, Meghan and I share an office due to limited space, but we couldn't be happier (right Bob??). Come and knock on our door...
Richard was kind enough to ride the bull at Meghan's request. A birthday girl ALWAYS gets her wish! Though he looks like he's wincing in pain (below), and he complained of soreness the next day; we know he'd do it again in a heartbeat! ;)



Meghan, Ben, Richard, Linda & I

Linda and I

Meghan and the bull operator.