FEMBA Korean BBQ & Karoke
April 1, 2006

You can never have too much of a good thing.

Smita, Michelle, Uyen and I celebrated Michelle's 31st with a dinner at Giorgio's. Giorgio's never disappoints when it comes to celebrity sightings. This time it was Christina Aguilera and her hubby at one table, and billionaire real-estate tycoon Steve Bing at another. Smita couldn't resist snapping a stealthy picture of Christina for Christina's number one fan - Isaac. (Photos courtesy of Smita!) After dinner, we joined Jason and the UCLA FEMBA gang for Karoke.

Rosen Brewery where Jason & group watched the UCLA Final Four game against LSU

Brian, his girlfriend, and Erika

Chris, Mark, and Pegah

After the game, finishing their drinks before leaving

Joel, Chun & Darryl

First round of meat...

...and first round of drinks

Darryl setting up his soju bomb


Nela and Dan enjoying their soju

Sandeep tried to get out of drinking by using the designated driver excuse...except he wasn't a designated driver and had already arranged for someone else to drive him home

Joe arrived later, and after a few bites...


...was forced by Jonathan to catch up

Jas has no idea what they're doing here

Sandeep fessing up to spilling his soju all over his chair

Chun freaking Joel

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