UCLA vs Stanford @ The Rose Bowl
September 30, 2006

Another great UCLA game at The Rose Bowl - we beat Stanford 31-0 - woohoo! Here we are tailgating. (Thanks to Joel for letting me supplement our pics with some of his!)

Dan and Joel playing with a wiffle ball & bat

Part of the UCLA marching band stopped by to play a few tunes

Jas, Me, Sandeep and Tom

Tom, Joel, Sandeep and Jas

Liz, Ivan and I

Jas doing a beer bong

Jas, Dan and Francis

Tom preparing for his second go at the beer bong
Joel taking his turn with the bong, with Jason M. running the operation

Jas, Me, Ivan, Liz, Jonathan & Tom

Tom, Jonathan, Francis, Sandeep, Mark, & Joel (the kneeling ass-clown is of course, my man Jas)

Dan and Joel

On the way to the stadium, Jonathan & Dan decided to jump over trash cans, unfortunately Jonathan took a nasty fall on his turn :(


Walking to the stadium
Joel doing some sort of dance; Dan once again trying to lick Jas

In front of our magnificent Rose Bowl

Inside the stadium