DeeDee & Smita's 30th Birthday Celebration!
January 2006

Since Smita and my birthdays are only 3 days apart, we thought we'd celebrate with dinner and clubbing at Pearl. We ate, got drunk, and even though it was "ladies who like ladies" night (which the club failed to tell Jason when he made the reservations) and there was no eye-candy for us gals, we still had an awesome time!

The birthday gals!

Me and my li'l bro, Ivan

Dan, Jonathan, his friend Dani and Ivan

Jen, Grahame and Wyman

Wyman and Jas

Smita and her man, Isaac

Smita's friend Isha and her fiance, Jason

Isha and Smita

Michelle, Smita, Uyen and I

Jason and Jen

Chun, Jen, Grahame and Dani

Dani, Jonathan and Dan

Michelle, Wyman, Ivan and I

Smita trying to taunt Jason with the other Jason's USC ring. How you like that Rosebowl game? Go Texas Longhorns - BOO-YEAH!!

Kevin, Michelle and Ivan

Ivan, Wyman, Jason and I with our Kobe burgers and fries - sooo good!!

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