Croatia, Slovenia & Montenegro
May 10, 2003 - May 23, 2005

This was definitely one of our favorite trips. The people were wonderful and the places we visited were gorgeous. We arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia on a Wednesday and didn't join up with the tour group until Sunday, so we had a few days to explore the area on our own.

Slovenia recently entered the European Union. Croatia hopes to enter in 2007. Croatia and Slovenia were the richest regions of ex-Yugoslavia. Together, they were financially responsible for over 50% of the whole of Yugoslavia. So when the two richest regions decided to separate from the rest of Yugoslavia, a war ensued. No doubt this is just one hastily summarized part of a much more complex situation, and if we've gotten any details wrong, we apologize!

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Map of our trip.

After over 24 hours of traveling, we finally landed in Dubrovnik.

First thing Jason bought was Ozujsko - the most popular Croatian beer.

Having breakfast on our hotel's patio.

Just outside Dubrovnik's old city walls. Behind me is a view of Fort Lovrijenac, built in the 15th-16th century.
A view from within the city's walls. We visited over 10 ancient walled-cities during our trip, and every one of them was still fully functional. Meaning today's citizens still reside in the stone buildings built centuries ago, and the first-floor of each building is filled with shops and cafes. So charming!

A Star Wars III ad.


Enjoying an Iced Cappacino while people watching.

Jason and I split a 4-cheese pizza at a place called Mea Culpa. It was delicious. The food is so reasonably priced in this region, this huge pizza (you only see half in the picture), a beer and a coke for about $7.
We exited the West-side of the city walls and encountered the Adriatic.
Jason standing next to the fortress (rt).

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