Costa Rica
Dec 23, 2003 - Jan 1, 2004

This year Jason and I joined my parents, younger bro and
some of the family friends we grew up with for a trip to Costa Rica.
Thanks to mom & dad, the Wongs and the Yeungs for supplementing our pictures :).

Tabacon Resort and Spa at the base of Arenal Volcano: Dec 23 - 26

Group shot.  Back row (l to r): Uncle Houston, U. Albert, Jason, Ivan, Mom, U. Kelly, and Dad.
Front row (l to r): Auntie Polly, A. Amy, Carina, Michelle, Me, and A. Elaine.

Quick lunch

Walking down to the pool, spa and natural springs.

U. Kelly, A. Elaine, A. Amy & U. Albert having drinks in the pool.

U. Kelly, U. Albert, Ivan & Jas.


Jason at the top of the slide...

...followed by Ivan.

The parents and Carina.

Ivan and Jas relaxing in the hot mineral springs.


Ivan, Michelle and Jason

Dad in foreground, Jas in background left.

Michelle & Ivan

More shots of the springs

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